Welcome to The PERTAN Group!  The PERTAN Group is a consulting firm that provides
management and technical services. Our principal and overriding purpose is:
"To provide our customers with a diverse analytical, modeling, and software
engineering capability.  This capability is aimed at defining and structuring
management’s technical and organizational challenges so that practical, lasting
solutions can be developed."

The PERTAN Group is a professional consulting firm that provides
management and technical services.  The company started in 1986
under the name of Tanner and Associates.  In April 2000, we
increased our energy and environmental services and merged with
the consulting firm of Perez & Jandrich to diverse analytical, modeling,
and software engineering capability.  We are then able to define and
structure management’s technical and organizational challenges in a
format that allows for us to develop practical lasting solutions for

The PERTAN Group is located in Champaign, IL the Silicon Prairie* of
the Midwest and the home of the University of Illinois.  The U of I is
one of the largest Computer Science and Engineering Universities in
the United States.  The PERTAN Group has developed a solid working
relationship with the U of I and is able to draw on the expertise of the
staff and services available to small business when required by our

The location enables us to keep overhead to a minimum in an area
with a moderate cost of living while still allowing easy access for
clients and suppliers. Our facility is simple, efficient, and productive.  
Our goal for establishing services at this location is to keep overhead
to a minimum in order to offer exceptional quality at competitive prices.

The PERTAN Group keeps abreast of the latest computer systems,
technology and software.  In addition to being a lifetime member of
the U of I Engineering Library we also maintain an in-house research
library that includes books on urban development, energy efficiency,
software engineering, and various other scientific topics.  The library
is added to regularly.

We encourage you to review a few of our recent projects to learn
more about the range of services we are able to provide.  We
emphasize consistent and clear communication with our clients at
every stage of a project.  Open communication allows us to
incorporate each client’s existing expertise and resources during the
project process.  Find out more about what we can do for you by
calling Gonzalo Perez at (217) 356-1348 ext 202; Patrick Tanner at
(217) 356-1348 ext 201 or Sharie Carter-Bane at (217) 356-1348 ext.
*”Top 10 Tech Cities”, NEWSWEEK, 1998 Nov 10
Our Customers:

The PERTAN Group has a proven record of excellent performance in providing services for the  Government.  
Our primary customers include:

  • United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • United State Department of Defense
  • United States Army Medical Command
  • United States Environment Protection Agency
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • United States Department of Energy
Our People:

The PERTAN Group has a talented staff that includes engineers, urban planners, statisticians, scientists,
business planners and project managers.    Our staff possesses a wide range of skills and the ability to
accomplish any job with quality and efficiency.  Team work among staff members, consultants, and sub-
contractors is strongly emphasized at The PERTAN Group.  The staff works closely…sharing knowledge and
ideas that create a dynamic work environment.

The PERTAN Group believes in investing in the continuous
professional development of its employees.  Staff members
regularly attend training seminars and conferences to improve
their skills and keep atop the latest in technology, design, and
management techniques.  Many of our employees have advanced
degrees in their particular field.

The PERTAN Group and the entire PERTAN Group Team is committed to bringing your product to you in a
professional and useful format.  We do this by:

  • Listening attentively when our clients speak of budgets, schedules and performance. We hear the
    concerns.  We accept the responsibility.
  • Speaking the language of contractors, managers, and engineers, and when desired can provide those
    services.  Timely and experienced responses to engineering issues facilitate project delivery.
  • Augmenting our firm with a national network of technical, scientific, and academic consultants.  These
    established professional relationships enrich our collaborative creative process.
Business Ventures:

In the past The PERTAN Group has collaborated with various
business partners in order to expand our opportunities. Feel free to
contact us to discuss potential business ventures.
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